Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday, 13 January 2011 - Second Transmission

The second transmission is up and running. A little bit of a theme going on with this one – a show devoted to some of my favourite Irish bands. The set opens aggressively with a track from the mighty Therapy? and then sashays smoothly into a track from Kerbdog’s 1997 album “On The Turn” called “JJ’s Song”. The song is named after JJ Cantwell from Jerusalem Taxis, another Kilkenny band. Kerbdog also covered a Jerusalem Taxis song called “Something In My Head” which I believe you can find on the B-Side of the “Dry Riser” 7” vinyl (little bit of useless information for you there).

In my haste to record the voice over parts I made some mistakes, but instead of recording again I’m just going to correct myself here. The name of the Bats album is “Cruel Sea Scientist” (not the Cruel Sea as I said in the recording). It is a fantastic album that I highly recommend.

As for the other mistake, well let’s see if anyone can spot it!

Five Go Down to the Sea (named after the book by Enid Blyton) made some fantastic music. If you’re a fan of The Fall you should check out the rest of their stuff, as well as their previous incarnation Nun Attax. The radio documentary I mentioned during the show can be found here.

The Charlie Don’t Surf track came from a CDR that I was given a while ago. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t great but you can check out more of their funky tunes on the MySpaces right here..

I was of two minds about whether or not to play The Walls “Broken Boy” track but decided to stick with it as it mellowed things out after Jinx Lennon’s crazy antics.

Finally the set closes with “Emerald” by Thin Lizzy. There is a niggling thought at the back of my mind that the song was written in honour of Jimi Hendrix, but I’m not positive. Either way it’s a cracking song and a great way to end the show.

Potato Junkie


Screamager – Therapy? / Troublegum

JJ’s Song – Kerbdog / On The Turn

Point Your Eye’s Down – Waiting Room / Catering For Headphones

Elephants For Fun And Profit – Five Go Down To The Sea / Knot A Fish

These Ones Lay Eggs – Bats / Cruel Sea Scientist

Fiction – Whipping Boy / Heartworm

Mother – Rest / Burning In Water ...

Chewing Gun – Charlie Don’t Surf / Savage Norks

Studio Blues – Neon Flea Circus / Go For The Juggler

Houses Everywhere – Jinx Lennon / Thirty Beacons of Light for a Land Full of Spite, Thugs, Drugs, Slugs and Energy

Broken Boy – The Walls – Hi-Lo

A Million Miles Away – Rory Gallagher / Tattoo

Emerald – Thin Lizzy / Jailbreak

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